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About Us

Coho juvenile release © Joshua Asel

About Us

The California Salmon & Steelhead Coalition is a strategic partnership between Trout Unlimited, California Trout and The Nature Conservancy to increase streamflows in California’s North and Central Coast watersheds, with the goal of restoring and protecting wild salmon and steelhead and creating water reliability for people.

Russian River steelhead © Will Boucher, California Trout


Sustainable Water Management that Benefits Fish and People

We are working toward a California where water use management harmonizes and meets the needs of people, needs of fish and ecosystems.

Communities Making Water Sustainability Possible

We want to see landowners participating in incentivized voluntary programs that improve their water supply reliability while benefiting instream flows for fish and wildlife.


A Successful Coalition with a
Powerful Mission

We are leveraging our combined strengths and expertise to advance the innovative science, on-the-ground projects, policy reforms and collaborative approaches needed to restore and protect wild salmon and steelhead and increase water security for people.

TNC scientist plants device used to collect water temperature data from a stream in the Garcia River Forest © The Nature Conservancy

Our work is demonstrating that growing demands for water can be balanced through innovation and partnerships that dynamically deploy water to benefit people and nature.


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Salmon & Steelhead Coalition? We are here to help.