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Our Solutions

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Our Solutions

The central focus of the Coalition is to work with the people of the North and Central Coasts to harmonize their water management with the region’s natural climate.

The North Coast is blessed with a wealth of water — its watersheds produce more than enough flow during the year to meet the annual needs of both fish and people. But taking advantage of this natural abundance requires people to adopt new water management techniques: offstream storage to change the timing of diversion from summer to winter, reducing diversion rates and coordinating landowner actions on a watershed scale.

To restore the region’s streamflows to levels needed to support thriving populations of salmon and steelhead, these techniques will need to be adopted as the new way of business by a broad cross-section of water users across the North and Central Coasts. To ensure this happens, the Coalition employs the following three solutions, which work in concert with each other to create change.

Collaborative Water Management

Westminster Woods storage and forbearance © Trout Unlimited

Creating models for collaborative water management that meet the needs of fish and people

Water Policy

Casting call at the Capitol © California Trout

Adapting water law and policy to enable new solutions

Streamflow Science

© Kevin Arnold

Developing cutting-edge streamflow science to support management and policy changes

Drought Response

Dry ground vs a healthy river

A Vision for Improving Drought Preparedness in the Face of a Drier Climate 2021 was one of the driest years on record in California and 2022 is shaping up to be even worse. Our rivers — the source of life for fish, wildlife, and people — are running dry