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Retention pond at Husch Winery © The Nature Conservancy


The Coalition implements its solutions through on-the-ground projects located in high-priority North and Central California Coast watersheds. Our projects allow us to field test our proposed solutions and enhance flows in streams that are key to salmon and steelhead recovery.

The map below shows the various watersheds where the Coalition is working and features five key watersheds where high-priority projects are touching down.

Click on the circles on the map below to learn about their corresponding watersheds and the key projects we are doing in each. Descriptions of the featured watersheds will appear in the green block, and descriptions of the key projects will appear below the map. Click the “i” in the bottom-left corner to view the map legend.


  • Featured Watershed
  • Watershed Where we Work
Drought: California’s New Normal | The California Salmon and Steelhead Coalition has a message for our state. Drought is here to stay and nature is paying the price. If we want to protect our fresh water supplies in the long term, we need to protect the ecosystems that sustain them. California needs a coordinated drought response that doesn’t destroy the freshwater ecosystems we all rely on.